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Mary Lee Dey is the author of Speak to Your Children and Hable con sus Hijos.
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Speak to Your Children and Hable con sus Hijos
A Handy Catholic Parenting Guide for Concise,
Faith-filled Conversations with Kids about Discipline,
Decision-making, Truth, and Life Versus the Secular Culture.

"Whether you are in a 'Marriage Preparation' class, a 'Parent Sessions' class or you are a parent teaching your children of any age, especially teens, you need this book. I am making it easy for parents. It grows with your children and has 79 things that our youth need to know before they go to college or leave home and get married. The Church says that parents are their primary teachers. This is a book that can change the secular world with faith and good reason. Your children will become leaders of goodness."

By Author---Mary Lee Dey

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen said, "Rebirth of youth will come from youth itself."
(A similar referral to youth was given in Vatican II.)

Personal and professional background:

Mary Lee Dey wrote the books Speak to Your Children and Hable con sus Hijos. She is certified in Catholic Family Life and Natural Family Planning. She has taught NFP for Couple to Couple League and Natural Family Planning International (22 years total) and served as Crisis Pregnancy Director (3 years) and as councilor (21years). Her publications appeared in Southern Nebraska Register, Lay Witness magazine, and others. She speaks on pro-life and family issues and has given parent sessions with her books for the last 12 years. She lives with her family in Nebraska. She and her husband have 4 children and 12 grandchildren.