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also in Spanish as HABLE CON SUS HIJOSN

Do you wish you could have more time for conversations with your children, especially on truth and life issues versus the secular culture?

Do you wish you could show them how to make responsible decisions? Do you want them to really know and love God?

Do you think your children will learn it all in Catechism class? You’ll never know unless you reinforce it yourself.

Catholic parents will find comfort in this parenting book when they discover how easy it is to converse and work with their children. For those under five, the conversations are about love and discipline; for older children, the discussions are on faith and respect; and for teens, the focus is on decision-making and defending faith and life, while rejecting peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, depression, violence, and much more. In short (sometimes five-minute) sessions, families, even dysfunctional ones, come together to be strongly pro-life and pro-Catholic.

These seeds of goodness are planted in one-on-one talks or in "Family Fun Time" activities. The Bible says, "I laid a foundation, and another man is building upon it. Let each man take care how he builds upon it." (1 Corinthians 3:10).

English: Imprimatur: Most Reverend Fabian T. Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln (NE)

Nihil Obstat: Very Reverend John T. Folda

SpanishNhil Obstat: Muy Reverendo John T. Foldam Censor Librorum. 

Imprimatur: Reverendísimo Fabian W. Bruskewitz, Obispo de Lincoln, 

Concordat cum original Cum Originali: Reverando Daniel J. Rayer, Censor Deputatus, Diócesis de Lincoln.



Speak to Your Children addresses the issues you need to address, but sometimes fear to address, with your children offering useful information and tips from the perspective of an experienced Catholic mother. This is a serious book for serious parents.
--David C. Reardon, Ph.D. Director, Elliot Institute, Author of Making Abortion Rare

Unsure how to teach your children morality and responsibility? Mary Lee Dey has written a book filled with wisdom and practical advice that takes you step by step through every aspect of raising happy, holy, and responsible children. Not only will parents who use this book find that their children grow in responsibility and morality but they will also find family members deepening their affection toward one another, which in turn produces peace and harmony in the family. I urge you to read Speak to Your Children.
 --Mary Ann Budnik, Author, Raise Happy Children Series

   When you read Speak to Your Children, participate in it, be active, and assimilate it. Invite God to 
   be present in this process so important for parents and children. The results will be the empowerment 
   of children to become Leaders!
   --Sr. Isabel Sandino, O. Cam., Diocese of Grand Island

   Overall, you have a very good resource for parents. I am sure that parents who use this with their
   children will be doing a favor for themselves as well as their children.
   --John F. Kippley, Founder of  Natural Family Planning International and Couple to Couple 
   League Natural Family Planning 

In writing her book Speak to Your Children author, Mary Lee Dey, draws upon her vast experience of serving others and her supreme knowledge of the Catholic Faith. The result is a book full of wisdom, complete with practical exercises to apply what is learned. I highly recommend this book.
--Mike Dycus, Director Central Nebraskans United For Life (Hastings, NE)

The “thought police” work overtime to convince parents that they don’t understand and are not equipped to talk about sex, drugs, or any number of moral subjects with their own children...Dey’s handbook for parents, like a refreshing breeze on a sticky afternoon, contradicts the status quo...
--Judie Brown, President, American Life League, as viewed in Celebrate Life magazine

Mrs. Dey wants parents to raise wise children, able to confront the difficulties in contemporary society, through a grounded faith in Jesus Christ. Given the increased amount of destructive influence that can overwhelm children and families, Mrs. Dey’s book is particularly timely.
--Dr. Terrence Nollen, Saint Gregory the Great Seminary (Seward, NE) from Southern Nebraska Register

It gives good facts and develops a line of communication between parents and children. It has worksheets and questions that lead to in-depth discussions on the issues at hand.... I truly believe that if parents take time and effort to implement [these] thoughts, it would enhance their knowledge of the faith and the application of it.... It brings faith down to immediate and current problems offering good solutions and points of discussion.
--Father Thomas P. Kuffel (Lincoln, NE Diocese)

Speak to Your Children is outstanding and would be a great parenting aid. I am recommending it to all my grandchildren who are now starting their families.
--Josephine Shafer, Great Grandmother (Grand Island, NE)

Parents have an awesome responsibility as the primary educators of their children. As in the parable of the sower (Luke 8:4-8), we want to provide that “rich soil” that enables our children to persevere in holiness toward Catholic adulthood...The lengthy chapter on sexuality is surely the most important because parents who want to instill traditional Christian morality are up against most of modern society.
--Lisa Cushnie, Couple to Couple League, Family Foundations Magazine (Cincinnati, OH)

She [Mary Dey] is a wise woman with some great advice in her book. I am certain God put her there [at the event] for a number of reasons.
--Jeff Marsh, Vice President, Central Nebraskans United For Life, The Advocate (Hastings, NE)

[Speak to Your Children] shares 79 things all kids need to know. [Mary Dey’s] book can help prepare our children to be the next pro-life leaders.
--Beth Small, Central Nebraskans United For Life, The Advocate (Hastings, NE)

Talking to children about topics such as peer pressure, religion, drug abuse and sex isn’t always easy, but local author Mary Dey is here to help.
--Sarah Schultz, The Grand Island Independent (Grand Island, Nebraska)

Parents may use these talks as a tool for opening the doors of conversations with children.
--West Nebraska Register (Grand Island, Nebraska)

Speak to Your Children lays out the important topics that, when implanted in our own hearts, can plant the seed in children from the earliest age. It will help us draw them to that which their hearts innately long for all their lives: all that is True, Good and Beautiful.
--Brandi Marciniak Wife and Mother of two infants. (Pratt, KS)

I think that in my 10 years as a Catholic Christian, dedicated to the Lord, I had not had such a complete and educational book. If we look at the patriarch Moses, he lived in Egypt 40 years, he lived in the desert 40 years; and it was until then that God considered him ready for his task of liberating the Jewish people from their bondage in Egypt. By the same token, God inspired Mrs. Dey this book, who worked on it for 17 years.  This way, He gave the Holy Spirit all the time to inspire her to write with God´s Wisdom, reaffirming the teachings of our Holy Mother, the Catholic Church.  Thanks God for evidently working through Mrs. Dey.
---Jorge A. Pena T., Husband and father of three, member of El Pescador Ministries, and leader of the Spanish Speak to your Children class. (Grand Island, Nebraska)


ISBN: 978-1-5320-6121-9 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-5320-6122-9 (e)

Publisher: iUniverse
229 pages
Publication date: August 2004

ISBN: 978-1-5320-8640-3 (tapa blanda)
ISBN: 978-1-5320-8641-0 (libro electrónico)

Publisher: iUniverse
260 pages
Publication date: August 2010