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The books Speak to Your Children and, the Spanish version, Hable con Sus Hijos can be purchased through Mary L. Dey at 1-308-384-8472. The books are now in their 2nd editions.

Cost: $20.99 + $3.50 shipping. 
(Add 7% Sales Tax in Nebraska or $1.33.)
Unit price is $17. each, when more than six books are ordered by calling number above.
English: ISBN number is 978-1-5320-6121-9 (sc).
Spanish: ISBN number is 978-1-5320-8640-3 (tapa blanda).

(Books are also available through and

E-books of Speak to Your Children are also available. Cost $0.99.
English: ISBN number is 978-1-5320-6122-6 (e)
Spanish: ISBN number is 978-1-5320-8641-0 (libra electrónico).
Available at and, or Telephone iUniverse: 1-800-288-4677 Ex 5.