Speak To Your Children 

by Mary Lee Dey

Speak To Your Children is a Handy Catholic Parenting Guide for Concise Faith-filled Conversations with Children and young adults about Discipline, Decision-making, Truth and Life Versus the Secular Culture. 

Speak to Your Children is a Catholic vocation and parenting guide brimming with conversations to help you teach all ages of children life issues that strengthen the whole family against the peer pressure of the secular culture. It makes them leaders. It grows with your children.

Speak To Your Children has been in publication now for nearly 14 years.  I've had the amazing opportunity to meet so many wonderful parents and people who share the same faith, values, and interests that I share in this book.

Some great news is that now we have an edition (2017) translated into Spanish! It is called Hable con sus Hijos and both versions are also in e-book form. I have been a writer for over twenty years, and have written two parenting books. Below is a video where Pax Christi Multimedia discusses Hable con sus Hijos. (The English version of this video is coming soon.)

I have parent sessions folders available upon request, if you phone me at 308-384-8472.

Thank you for all your support.

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  1. Beware, secular reproductive clinics may be coming into your schools and teaching their brand of sex education
    that could lead to chaos. Your children deserve better. Teach your children from the books Speak to Your Children and Hable con sus Hijos and they just may have a wonderful life.